Born in El Paso and raised in Las Cruces. I graduated from Las Cruces High School and graduated with double Bachelors from NMSU. I attended Washington University in St. Louis Missouri for my Master’s in Law Studies. I love to spend time with my 2 kids. I love to swim and watch movies. Working at Spinous Chiropractic Center has been great because we have a great team environment.

“I love Chiropractic care because when I was pregnant I was able to enjoy my pregnancies, also was able to sleep and not suffer from any pain during my pregnancies.”


Front Desk and Chiropractic Assistant

Born in Mexico but raised in Las Cruces and graduated from Las Cruces High School. I attended Dona Ana Community College where I obtained my associate’s degree in Business. I love being outdoors and cooking specially for my 2 kids. I’m a very friendly and enjoyable human being. You will find me in the front greeting our existing and new patients.

“I had my first adjustment at Spinous Chiropractic center by Dr. Leon, my first adjustment was wonderful, I had been in a car accident prior to being adjusted, after Dr. Leon completed the adjustment, I felt a great relief from the pain I was experiencing.”


Front Desk and Chiropractic Assistant

Born and raised in Las Cruces, NM. Graduated from Mayfield High School. Go Trojans! I love country music and I am the DJ of our office, Morgan Wallen is my absolute favorite. Cooking for my 2 kids is the language of love. I adore all our patients here at Spinous Chiropractic Center. I also really enjoy working with Dr. Leon, in the time that I’ve been working here at Spinous Chiropractic Center. I’ve learned a lot and really started understanding all the benefits of Chiropractic Care.

“Before I started working here at Spinous Chiropractic Center, I had NEVER been adjusted, so I was a little nervous and a bit scared because I had no idea what to expect. But it was a great first experience, Dr. Leon explained everything to me very thoroughly and after the adjustment I felt immediate relief in my lower back and neck. I highly recommend everyone get adjusted at least once in their lives, you won’t regret it.”